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  • Abbott’s folly….

    “While conservative MPs have not agreed on what next, some will press to stick with the plebiscite, which kicks the issue into the never never. Bearing in mind this is the issue that brought Tony Abbott undone, Turnbull may not… Read More ›

  • Hi Vis Outrage

    On the destruction of traditional marriage debate, the most breathtaking political hypocrisy is writ large. One of Labor’s most consistent criticisms of Abbott was that he broke political promises (something when in power, the Labor Party has never done). They… Read More ›

  • Bias in many shapes and forms

    Media “bias” is an oft discussed topic. Many who do battle, define it’s demonstration much too narrowly. Bias can present in a wide variety of contexts, shadings and decisions. For example, in a debate on a contentious subject, one side may… Read More ›

  • 18c AGAIN!

    Brendan O’Neill opines about S18 C in today’s Oz and cites a key reasons it is critical to keep the law out of  free expression as much as possible. As readers will recall, I’ve always advocated 3 arguments concerning legal restrictions on hate… Read More ›

  • Cleaning the oven……

    The suggestion in the Weekend Australian, that actions which constitute domestic violence now include withdrawal of affection and criticism of housekeeping duties, reflects an all too common and highly lamentable trend to push the edge of grievance; tightening the ring… Read More ›

  • Information Sh-t

    In the wee hours, I had a double take at a comment on commercial radio, along the lines of “the best expression of the people’s will on gay marriage is for Parliament to legislate in favour of it”. The pronouncement was… Read More ›